Since the very beginning Open Art, Art for All  has as mission forging an exhibition space accessible to the plastic production of artists. Throughout sixteen editions, the call has been faithful to the statement that Leopoldo Flores published in 1976 “"…We must manifest our works, more in accordance with the times, a young art, a dynamic art, a revolutionary art, an OPEN ART...” In response to this statement, the “Leopoldo Flores” University Museum embraces his objectives to recognize the plastic production of those who have struggled to express a social positioning through art. 

Leopoldo Flores was a muralist and painter of large format works who, in order to generate the conditions to spark dialogues between the various alternative aesthetic expressions and reasonable lines of contemporary art, stood for the opening of new aesthetic and social spaces throughout his career. Open Art is the hinge that pushes social differences into aesthetic coincidences. 

Open Art, Art for All also recognizes the work of D. H. C. Leopoldo Flores Valdés as a cultural seeker which is alive in his legacy at the MULF through twenty uninterrupted years of work, sixteen calls and museum halls covered with novel artistic expressions of painting, sculpture, graphics, installation, sound art, video, and performance. As a contemporary art museum, this heritage allows us to keep abreast of the times and in line with the needs of contemporary artistic production, and at the same time continue an experience that has led to constant renewal for 40 years.

The call

The annual call Open Art, Art for All, has made possible to house various contemporary artistic expressions, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics, video, sound art, installation, video art, and interactive pieces at the museum facilities, specifically at halls “D” and “E”. This has allowed the audience to connect with heterogeneous discourses in various means, becoming a witness of the evolution of art in both its discursive and narrative sense.  

This call dates to the 70s, when artists of the time questioned institutions and galleries work on the endeavors of art and the little openness towards plastic experimentation. At that time, local artists took over various urban spaces in Toluca which through artistic actions got open to community participation, such as the ephemeral mural, a creative act that led to the movement Open Art.  

In parallel with international artistic trends, Leopoldo Flores envisioned a movement that would demand and reflect on the need to have open spaces for both artists and artistic production at that time. In the city of Toluca, he started a movement accompanied by colleagues of which he would publish a manifesto in August 1976. 

 The Open Art, Art for All call is unique in its kind. An external jury selects three exhibition projects to be showcased separately in halls at the “Leopoldo Flores” University Museum, traditionally assigned for the purpose, in a minimum duration of 6 weeks over the course of the year. Each of the projects show coherence between the conceptualization of a theme and the way of turning it into an artistic object. To complement the recognition of these works, each of will be assigned an economic incentive of $20,000.00 (twenty thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 MXN) to foster artistic production.

During the 16 years in which the call has been published, submissions from different countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Italy, United States, Spain, Germany, Peru, South Korea, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Venezuela, Great Britain, and of course Mexico, among others, have been received, proving its international impact.  



The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico
through the Vice-Rectorate for Cultural Affairs
the University Museums Office
and the “Leopoldo Flores” University Museum (MULF)

Based on articles 1, 2, sections II and V, 6, 16 and 34 of the Law of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico; 1, 2, 62 sections I, II, III and XII, 63, 133 and 134 of the University Statute of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and; 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, section V, 9, 11 and 24 of the Regulations on Cultural Promotion of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and others related and applicable to University Legislation.


With the aim of promoting artistic production that reflects a commitment to present times, the national and international artistic community is invited to participate in: ;




  • • Works in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, object art, installation, photography, video, art media and mixed techniques shall be received.

  • • The project exhibitions may contain one or more techniques, depending on the nature of the works.


  • • Individual or collective.

  • • All individuals who meet the requirements established in both this call and terms of reference may participate.

  • • The participants shall vouch for the authorship and originality of the works that make up the project, holding the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico harmless from any third-party claims.

  •  Participation restrictions

    • The following are not eligible to participate in this call for entries:

      • • Artists who have been selected in the past two editions Open Art, Art for All.

      • • Personnel currently working in the Vice-Rector's Office for Cultural Affairs of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

      • • Jury members


  • Of the participants:

  • Foreign and National artists and public of legal age may participate.

  • Of the project exhibition:

  • Participants must include a project folder with the specific characteristics enlisted in the reference terms.

  •  Restrictions

    • • The Organizing Committee will not accept pieces that put people or property at risk, that harm the environment or the exhibition facilities or surroundings.

    • • The proposed project must be available for exhibition during 2023.

    • • Only proposals with finished works and conditioned for assembly and exhibition will be accepted.

    • • The works that make up the exhibition project must be presented in optimal conditions and ready to be exhibited.


  • • Participants shall register on the official website

  • • Participants shall complete the personal information data and attach the documents in the format requested in the terms of reference.

  • • At the end of registration, participants shall confirm that data is correct.

  • • Any communication with participants will be through the registered email address.:

  • • It should be noted that only participants who complete their registration on the website and whose exhibition project does not infringe the restrictions of this call and terms of reference will be taken into consideration.

  • Registration Dates

  • The registration period to participate in this call will be from the date of publication on the website until April 30, 2023.

  • NOTE. Late registrations will not be considered.


  • For the selection of the project, the jury will base on the following:

    • • Conceptualization of the general exhibition project.

    • • Coherence between concept and execution.

    • • Management and development of the techniques of creation of the piece.

    • • Contribution to the field of visual arts.


  • • The jury, comprising specialists in the field, will evaluate the participating works and select the three winners. The decision will be final. The works will be exhibited in the 2023 term at the facilities of the “Leopoldo Flores” University Museum, in accordance with the provisions of the terms of reference.

  • • The winners will be notified via email through the account, and will be published on the website on Monday, May 16, 2023.


  • • The participants are obliged to vouch for the authorship and originality of the submitted project exhibition, releasing the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico from any present or future claim that may arise on this matter.

  • • The participants shall authorize the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico for free and non-profit use, review, reproduction and addition of the content of the exhibition project into the catalog. At all times the institution shall recognize the intellectual property rights in favor of participants, thus a legal instrument shall be signed in accordance with the Federal Copyright Law and its Regulations in force, in accordance with the terms of reference.

  • • The corresponding format shall be sent via email. This act shall be formalized in person at the "Leopoldo Flores" University Museum at the moment of delivering the pieces.


  • • The selected projects will be exhibited separately in “Hall D” or “Hall E” of the MULF, during 2023, with a minimum duration of six weeks, prior agreement between the parties, in accordance with the provisions of the terms of reference.

  • • The works that make up the exhibition shall be exclusively returned to the author at the facilities of the "Leopoldo Flores" University Museum within a period of ten working days after the closure of the exhibition.

  • • The museum is not responsible for works deterioration derived from the nature of the materials used.

  • • Participation in this call assumes that the terms and restrictions of this call have been read and accepted.


  • Each of the three selected projects will be awarded the following PRIZES:

    • • Exhibition in “Hall D” or “Hall E” of the MULF during 2023, with a minimum duration of six weeks.

    • • An economic incentive of $20,000.00 (twenty thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 MXN) in a single payment to be delivered on the day of the inauguration

    • • Printed certificate of participation.

    • • Catalogue and/or brochure, poster and invitations (in accordance with the assigned budget).

    • • Publicity of the exhibition in digital media.

    • • Insurance for the pieces during the exhibition (if applicable, depending on the nature of the work).


  • The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, through its academic and administrative units, is responsible for the use, protection and processing of personal data provided by the participants, and will be treated solely and exclusively for the purposes of this Call, and in compliance with the provisions of articles 26, 27 and 28 of the General Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Obligors, our privacy notice disclosure and personal data management is available at: Privacidad.pdf.


  • Cases not foreseen in this call shall be resolved by the MULF management staff.

  • Participation in this call indicates that the Terms and Conditions and Terms of Reference have been read and accepted.

  • Expenses not foreseen in this call shall be borne by the participant.

  • The Jury may declare the call void if the submitted works do not meet the provisions of this call.

  • This Call shall enter into force upon its publication.



  • Folder of project1 in PDF format containing the following:

  • Concept of the exhibition (maximum 2 pages).

  • Description of the work (dimensions, technique, number of pieces).

  • Photographs of each of the works that make up the exhibition project with their respective technical data sheet (title, materials, measurement, year).

  • In case of audio and/or video, attach a link.

  • The Project Folder must be sent under a pseudonym and not include any authoring data. If the folder includes data revealing the identity of the author, she/he will be disqualified.

1The call only admits exhibition projects, not isolated pieces. However, an installation or set-specific art can be considered as an exhibition, depending on its nature and measurements. Reviewing the measurements of the available halls for the development of the project and the proposal of the body of work is advised.


Personal information2:

  • Curricular synthesis in PDF format, maximum one page (in case of groups they must be included in the same file).

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Official identification: official document that guarantees your identity (voting card, passport, driver license). In case of a group, an identification must be provided per participant in a single PDF file and appoint one representative in a letter signed by the members of the group)

  • In case of installation, attach the works design and assembly instructions.

  • The project folder must be under a pseudonym; it must not contain any identification data of the author(s).

  • 2The personal data provided by the participants will be protected, incorporated and processed by the Leopoldo Flores University Museum (or in its absence by the Office of Cultural Promotion), in accordance with the applicable regulations, whose purpose will be solely and exclusively for the purposes of this Call. In compliance with the stated on articles 26, 27 and 28 of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Obligors, we inform you of our privacy notice and management of personal data, available at:


  • Those selected participants will receive a notification via email and telephone within 3 business days after the jury's decision.


  • The authorities of the University Museum “Leopoldo Flores” will contact the selected participants to set a work meeting appointment where the dates and periods of exhibition will be defined. The selected participants will be informed about the process to follow for the setting up of each exhibition.

  • Those selected participants on this call will have to ship the works that compose their exhibition project to the University Museum "Leopoldo Flores", located in Cerro de Coatepec S/N, Ciudad Universitaria, Toluca, Estado de México, from Monday to Friday from 10 to 17 hrs on the previously set dates.

  • The costs of manufacturing, framing and shipping of the works that make up the exhibition project, as well as materials or special equipment that is required for the assembly, will be paid by the participant.

  • The museum is not responsible for works deterioration derived from the nature of the materials used.

  • If the work is not in optimal condition, does not meet the aforementioned requirements or does not match the characteristics described in the Project Folder, the authorities of the "Leopoldo Flores" University Museum will reserve the right to receive it, disqualify it and grant or deny the economic incentive, exhibition or publication of the project.

  • In addition, they must have technical and technological supports of the work for its exhibition and operation. They will be required to provide an attached PDF document describing the relevant specifications for the assembly and exhibition of their work. If additional provisions are required, they must be included and will be the author's responsibility. If necessary, the authorities of the University Museum "Leopoldo Flores" may require the presence of the author for the assembly of the piece.

  • The curatorship and museography will be proposed and carried out by the Leopoldo Flores University Museum staff, prior agreement with the author(s).

  • The University Museum "Leopoldo Flores" authorities may reserve the right to exhibit and/or assemble a project if they deem some elements are missing to do so adequately.

  • For the administrative procedures derived from this call and/or in case of an awarding or inauguration event, travel expenses will be covered by the participants.

  • If needed, blueprints of "hall D" and "hall E" are available for reference use for the project on the website.

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    Entelequias - Alondra Juárez Ramírez

    Terra Rumoris -Jordan Bernardo Rangel Rojas

    El campo mi manto - Ruth Avilés Banda y Gerardo Betancourt Alvearz


    Nombrar lo nuevo - Uriel López


    M. E.V. Ana Lilia Cruz Pais

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    Eliud Nava

    Artista interdiciplinario, curador y gestor cultural

    Jacobo Alonso

    Artista visual





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