Since its inception Open Art, Art for All’s mission is to forge an accessible opportunity to exhibit artistic work. Over thirteen years, the announcement is defined in line with Leopoldo Flores’ affirmation in 1976: “...We must express our doing, more in keeping with our time, a young art, a dynamic art, a revolutionary art, an OPEN ART...” In response to these words, at the Leopoldo Flores University Museum we take ownership of these goals, in order to recognize the artistic production of those who have strived to express social stance through art. 

Leopoldo Flores was a renowned muralist and painter, who in his professional career defended the opening of new aesthetic and social opportunities in order to create conditions to conceive dialogues between the various alternative aesthetic expressions and the measured lines of contemporary art. Open Art is the hinge that drives social differences in aesthetic matches. 

Open Art, Art for All also recognizes the work of Dr. HC Leopoldo Flores Valdés as a cultural leader, reflected in his legacy at the Leopoldo Flores University Museum over sixteen uninterrupted years of work, thirteen announcements and museum halls lined with innovative artistic expressions of painting, sculpture, graphics, installation, sound art, video and actions. This heritage allows us, as a museum of contemporary art, to stay current and consistent with the needs of contemporary art production while continuing to encourage renewal for 40 years.


On behalf of
The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM);
The Secretariat of Cultural Diffusion,
the General Directorate of University Museums
and the Leopoldo Flores University Museum (MULF)

Base on articles 1, 2; second paragraph, parts II and V; 6, 16 and 34 of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico Law; 1, 62, parts I, V and VI; 63 and 134 of the Cultural Diffusion rules and other related and applicable to University Legislation.


The artistic, national and international community, to participate in the Open Art, Art for All Announcement; with the aim of creating a space where the esthetic experiences can pluralize the context and make visible, both to the art from tradition, until experimental character, under the following: 



  • Participation may be individual or collective.
  • Projects for paintings, sculptures, object art, installation, graphics, photography, video, media art and mixed techniques will be accepted. Exhibition proposals may contain one or multiple techniques, depending on the nature of the project.
  • Applicants shall register on the website:http://arteabierto.uaemex.mx

Registration deadline: Sunday, 07 October 2018.

Candidates shall provide the following in order to register:

  • Personal information: Résume in PDF, maximum one side (for group projects, all resumes shall be included in one single file), e-mail, telephone number and official identification (for group projects, provide this for a representative).
  • PDF Project folder including the following information:
    • Exhibition concept (two sides maximum).
    • Project’s description (dimensions, technique, number of parts).
    • Project’s photographs with fact sheets (title, materials, measurements, year).
    • For audio and/or video, include a link.
    • For installation, attach the plan of the workpiece and assembly instructions.

NOTE: The project folder must be under a pseudonym, and shall not contain any information identifying it or its authors. Information will be presented with clear wording and spelling, in the above order. Plans and models from room “D” can be downloaded from the website for project reference, if required. 

  • Project shall show the completed proposed workpieces.
  • Artists selected in any previous Open Art, Art for All Announcementmay not participate.
  • Projects or objects that put on risk persons, property, or damaged the environment and the exhibition space; will not be accepted.
  • Members of staff currently working at agencies belonging to the Cultural Diffusion Secretariat of the UAEM may not participate in this announcement.
  • Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned requirements will mean full disqualification of the proposed project.



  • Will be on charge of a board made up of subject specialists, who will select three projects to be displayed in 2019.
  • For project choice, the jury will base their projects evaluation on the following points:
    • General conceptualization of the exhibition project.
    • Consistency between concept and execution.
    • Handling and development of creative techniques in the work.
    • Contribution to the field of visual arts.
  • The verdict will be announced on 05 November 2018 on http://arteabierto.uaemex.mx
  • Jury’s decision will award honors, susceptible to be displayed in case any of the three selected projects were not available at the time and date previously established with artist or the artists, and the prize money will not be awarded.
  • The jury’s verdict will be final and cannot be appealed.



  • The following awards are granted to the three selected projects:
    • Exhibition in the “D” room of MULF, in 2019, minimum eight weeks.
    • Awarded $20,000.00 (twenty thousand Mexican pesos), to deliver the opening day.
    • Printed record.
  • The exhibition of each project will consist of:
    • Catalog and/or brochure, poster and invitations.
    • Press briefing and exhibition promotion in all possible electronic media.
    • Curatorial and museum project.
    • Digital interactive material.
    • Project insurance during exhibition (where applicable).
  • Members of the selected projects will disclose their creative experience and aesthetic proposals by means of an activity parallel to the exhibition.



  • Participants are obliged to answer for the authorship and originality of the presented work, freeing the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, of any present or future claim that could arise on this matter.
  • All pieces must be in good condition and ready to be displayed.
  • Development, framing and transport costs shall be covered by participant, as well as materials or special equipment required for assembly.
  • Projects will be returned exclusively to the author on the premises of the Leopoldo Flores University Museum after ten working days following closure.
  • The museum does not accept responsibility for damage to projects resulting from the nature of the materials used.
  • If the selected project is not exhibited due to unavailability in the period and date previously established with artists, the prize money will not be awarded.
  • Participation in this call gives read and accepted the terms and restrictions of it.



Any matter not covered by this announcement will be resolved by revision committee.
This announcement may be declare void.

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